Summer 2015 and Syoboi Scraper

Hello everyone!

With the Summer 2015 season almost upon us, here is a small update.

Summer season

As far as I'm aware, most (if not all) shows should already be in the database. If you notice any show that still isn't listed, and for which the airing schedule is already known, send me an e-mail and I'll try to figure out why. As always, the e-mail is contact.

If you're still unsure what to watch and don't mind a suggestion or two, check out Charlotte by PA Works and written by Jun Maeda, as well as God Eater by ufotable. These look very promising!

Syoboi Scraper

One user warned me that Durarara!!x2 Ten was showing two first episodes, one shown as being episode 1, and another as being episode 13.

I looked into it, seems the channels airing Durarara!!x2 Ten couldn't decide on a single numbering scheme, and therefore Syoboi is listing each channel's individual numbering scheme. Some channels start at episode 1, while others start at episode 13. The scraper algorithm didn't consider this possibility, leading to the first episode being shown twice.

Turns out fixing this in a future-proof way that could cover all combinations of channels and numbering schemes was quite complex, and it required a rewrite of almost two thirds of the Syoboi Scraper code. I tested multiple anime and it seems to be working fine, having passed all the tests I threw at it, including my test suite of "weird cases".

Nevertheless there is a high chance that I missed something. Therefore, bugs are to be expected during the next few days, especially since I just scheduled a full database update in case more anime were affected by the bug. I should be warned of most problems automatically, but if you notice something strange with a show - anything at all - please send me an e-mail to contact and I'll look into it.

Thanks! And also, many thanks to the user who warned me about the Durarara!!x2 Ten issue.