State of (Fall 2015)

Hello again, everyone!

Update to the Layouts

I just finished an update to the layouts system, mostly cleaning up code and making the layouts more consistent stylistically (the table headers for the gray and black themes had the wrong color since a few months back, and I never noticed). In addition, I took this opportunity to widen the layout to fill the whole screen width as requested by multiple users. I have also noticed that the site was completely broken on small screens. While I wasn't able to find an ideal solution (the calendar is way too wide to fit on a very small screen), I have forced the page width to at least 768 pixels. This means that the layout will not be broken on small screens, it just doesn't completely fit in the screen and might require you to scroll sideways. At least in my phone, this results in a satisfactory experience.

Of course, the layout system wasn't the only change today, but everything else was low-level and shouldn't have a noticeable effect to anyone who unlike me doesn't have to maintain the automatic algorithms and the database.

State of the Website

Now, for the main reason for this post - it's been quite a long time since I last posted (4 months!), so I wanted to talk a bit about the state of the site, and my future plans for it.

Since I opened the site to the public, the database has grown to 457 different anime, totaling 4957 episodes, and 418 activated user accounts. Google Analytics reports about 400 unique users every month (not all of which have accounts, of course). It's not a huge number, granted, but it's much more than what I ever expected from such a niche project in my free time. I'm glad people find this as useful as I do (Some seem to find it quite more useful than me, actually. The highest number of logins for a single user account is currently 248, almost double my own number!)

I know I had promised a ton of updates near the end of the summer, but my Masters thesis has been consuming most of my time, so I haven't really been able to delve into the code-base very much. I have spent quite a few hours once every two weeks or so on this project, though nothing you've probably noticed, like cleaning up the system-level code, and fixing bugs in the algorithms. To be exact, in the last 6 months I pushed about 500 commits into the code-base, so it's not that the project is abandoned - it's just that development will be very slow for quite some time, and most of what I've been doing for the last few months are things that make my life easier, but users won't notice.

The fact that I'm so busy with my thesis means that I have no idea when I will be able to focus on developing new features again. I would love to be able to invest a ton of time in improving the site (my To-Do list is huge), but as you are all aware I am developing the site as a hobby, and right now my main focus is on finishing my thesis as soon as possible (so much so that I have also fallen behind on my seasonal anime watching!). I will probably continue developing the site slowly, as I have so far, so expect continued maintenance (not that the site requires a lot of maintenance), and irregular, small new features like the one today over the next few months.

However, you should not feel discouraged of asking for new features, or telling me if you notice something broken. I take bugs seriously, and will try and fix them as fast as possible once discovered. In the case of suggestions, even if they might not get implemented any time soon, they will get added to my To-Do list and I will try and get to them in the future (simple changes might even be implemented during "normal maintenance", like today's layout widening). As always, feel free to send me an e-mail at contact.

That's all for now, happy anime watching!