E-mail server issues

It was brought to my attention that some users sent me e-mails that I never replied to. I never received these e-mails, so I looked into it.

It seems that Outlook.com has decided to block e-mails from my main IP for absolutely no reason (not the monthly.moe one, that one is still fine). "contact" was configured to redirect to my personal outlook.com e-mail account through the main IP. Since that main IP couldn't send e-mails to outlook.com, I never received them in my personal e-mail account, even though I was expecting them there.

I just looked at the copies stored in this server, and everything is still there. It seems this started about 2 months ago, and I had missed about 5 e-mails about this site. I have reconfigured the redirection to be done through the monthly.moe IP, which isn't blocked, and I plan to start checking this server's copies more regularly, in case this ever happens again. (I have also asked Microsoft to remove my main IP from their blacklist, which took them less than an hour to do, to their credit)

I will be going through the e-mails I missed right now, to reply to them. If you sent an e-mail, and I don't reply to it soon, feel free to send it a second time.