Taiga 1.2 and new logo

Taiga 1.2

The final version of Taiga 1.2 will be released very soon, and with it comes a revamped anime detection system, which corrects for episode number offsets.

For example, Taiga is now able to correctly detect Fate/stay night UBW second season's episodes as starting at episode 1 instead of 13, to match the MyAnimeList episode numbering scheme.

Since Monthly.moe does not use the MAL numbering scheme, instead preferring the Japanese TV numbering scheme used by cal.syoboi.jp, a slight change is required in your Taiga configuration if you use it for keeping your Monthly.moe user up-to-date.

I have therefore updated the HTTP API page with this new change.

New Logo

In other news, over the past days I finally created a Monthly.moe logo and favicon:


I think it looks really good. Really brings out the "moe" in "Monthly.moe", don't you think?

Thanks to Z-Senpai for his free Kawaii face. If I had done it myself, I bet it would have come out terrible.