HTTP API Update for Taiga

I recently noticed that Taiga sent an API request when opening or closing a movie, even if it wasn't going to update the episode. After a small discussion in the Taiga forums I discovered that Taiga actually has a %playstatus% variable that can take various values.

Because of this, I created a new API action 'taiga', that receives a playstatus parameter and ignores the request unless it is equal to updated. As a bonus, it is optimized specifically for Taiga, which means that the offset parameter is no longer required, as well as it now receiving a watched and total parameter, instead of just number. This allows the HTTP API to also work when "unwatching" episodes using Taiga (as long as Taiga knows the anime length).

The old API actions still work, which means that you are not required to update your configuration. However, you will miss the new features unless you do so. Check the HTTP API page for the updated Taiga configuration.