Update: Themes

As you may have noticed, I spent some time the last few days doing some refactoring and cleaning up of the code.

One of my main focuses was the synchronization sub-system. It was basically "locked" to MAL, which is useless if I ever wanted to support more services. I changed a ton of its code behind the scenes, though the only noticeable change is how there's now a drop-down box on the Synchronization settings menu to choose the sync service (right now you can only pick MyAnimeList, sadly).

However, another change is more noticeable: Themes. You'll notice the default theme looks different (look at the logo text in the navbar! So much better than the plain font that was there before). I ended up refactoring a ton of code related to styling and re-did some of the CSS so that it is more organized, easier to extend, and better optimized.

First, I switched the colors for the first and last episode. While making the themes I felt that blue is better for first episodes since it seems to grab the attention more.

I then made 3 "basic" themes that you may now pick from in the Site settings menu. The first one is very similar to the one you've already known, "Light". There's also the "Lavish Gray" theme, which is a grayer version of the light theme. Alternatively, there's the "Dark Blue" theme, which is a dark theme based around a blue background and a gray calendar, with some touches of orange around the rest of the site because I thought it looked good.

I can make new themes without much extra work, only requiring definition of the main bootstrap colors (7 shades of gray, primary color, plus 6 shades of color, background-color, text-color) and the colors for the legend (first and last episode, etc), and then some testing to make sure nothing is broken.

Again, I'm not a designer, so don't expect something very professional. I'm sure that while making these 3 themes I must've broken half the "rules for good design" (if such a thing exists), but I'm relatively happy how the themes ended up myself.

If you find any errors (I might have missed something when testing the themes) or have any suggestions (including suggestions for new color palettes, or changes to the current themes), as always feel free to contact me at contact. Hopefully I'll get some kind of comments system in here relatively soon.

In other news...

Yesterday, I fixed a bug with the scraping system that was making Aquarion Logos show up without a first episode (only episodes 2 through 12) due to a slight change in how Syoboi displays 1-hour special episodes. If you notice weird stuff like that with other anime (wrong episode count, missing episodes, etc), contact me and I'll look into it.