This is a place where you can see at a glance when each anime you're watching airs next in japan, as well as corresponding music release dates. Some other sites online can do the same thing, but they're all manually updated so they're usually out-of-date at the beginning of each season, or if there is an unforeseen schedule change. Monthly.moe, however, is completely automated. Anime and music release information is continuously1 gathered from various sources without any human input (except in very rare situations).

The site does not require any account to use, but if you create one you'll be able to have the calendar show only specific shows, as well as easily keep track of exactly which episodes you have watched. This is made even easier by the fact that the site supports weekly AniList synchronization, as well as an HTTP API that can be used by software such as Taiga to automatically keep your profile up-to-date.

Before I finish this first section, there's something I need to tell you, though. I'm sure you have noticed how this site has many missing features or pages that state they're currently a work in progress. That's because the site is slowly being developed from scratch by a single guy (me!), and I have a full time job and personal life to worry about.

If you have any further questions, maybe they are already answered in the FAQ. Otherwise, send me an e-mail!

Do you have a question not answered in the FAQ? An idea for a feature or criticism about an existing feature? Or did the site just crash on you and you want to report the problem? For anything related to this website, please contact contact.

This website is developed by me, using Ruby on Rails, a great web framework on top of a very interesting language - Ruby.

The web design uses Twitter's bootstrap framework. I'm not exactly the best designer in the world, so it really helps to have a baseline I can use.

The website's logo uses a free Kawaii face made by Z-Senpai. It looks awesome, thanks!

Anime information is grabbed from AniDB. Most of the information on this website is taken from them - except for the actual schedule. To supplement that information, Syoboi is used. They keep a reliable and up-to-date listing of all scheduled airings of Japanese shows, although sadly there's no English version. Music release dates are taken from Anison.info.

Thanks to all these sites for all their work! Monthly.moe wouldn't be possible without any of you.

  1. To avoid spamming the services used to gather all this information, already aired anime and/or episodes aren't refreshed as regularly. Exactly how regularly depends on how long ago they finished airing. This only applies to the past, of course - today's and future episodes are updated daily whenever possible.