What is Monthly.moe about? Why don't you just use any of the other, similar sites out there?

Read the About page. It was written specifically to answer this question! But for those of you who need a summary, this site lets you look at a calendar containing all the air dates of anime episodes, and all information gathering is automated, so you're guaranteed up-to-date information. Other similar websites tend to drift out of date during the season, as nobody updates them when an episode is rescheduled for some reason, for example.

Which technologies are you using for this website? Which services do you grab your data from?

Read the About page. It has a "Credits and Thanks" section listing all this information.

How often is the site updated?

The automated processes gathering information run at least once per day. Though, since server resources are limited, heavy caching is employed, which means that information may take up to 24 hours to update. The longer ago a show aired, the longer its information will be cached on the server, and finished shows that have not had a single update (new episode, for example) in three months will be permanently archived and ignored during updates.

What happens if the automated processes fail?

I get spammed with e-mails from the website telling me to check out what is happening. I'll have to look at the problem, and figure out what's causing it.

Why is the time in the footer sometimes wrong?

Apart from the server-side caching, this website uses client-side caching for some pages. This means that the client will show the page directly from the browser cache unless it is out-of-date. This allows the site to load faster, while saving server bandwidth and processing power. Since the time in the footer states when the page was generated, it will not change if the page is taken from the cache due to being up-to-date.

New features

Is this it? Is the site finished?

No! The site is still very much in development. I'm working on this project by myself, and it's hard for me to find time to dedicate to this project (hence all the automation).

So, what features are you still planning?

Without making any promises regarding time, here is a small list of what is planned further down the line:

  • Support for synchronization from additional services, like MAL, AniDB and Hummingbird
  • Extra information on calendar (Channel, Duration, etc), with the user being able to customize which ones they see
  • A way to see which episodes for selected anime have already aired but you haven't yet watched.
  • User profile pages, listing all anime and episodes you're watching or have watched, and some interesting statistics like time spent watching. Of course, the user should be able to set this profile to private, so that others cannot access it, or customize what exactly shows up.
  • Agenda view

When will feature X be ready?


I found a bug! Or I have an idea for a feature, constructive criticism, etc. Can I contact you?

Just send whatever you want (related to this website) to the contact e-mail listed in the About page. Thanks!


Why is it this even useful?

It can be used by software such as Taiga to automatically keep your Monthly.moe profile up-to-date, alongside your MyAnimeList profile.

How do I use it?

Log in, and go to the HTTP API configuration page. The API is documented there, with some examples on how to use it. Taiga configuration is also supplied.

AniList Sync

How does this work?

Very simple. It allows you to keep your selected anime and watched episodes synchronized with your AniList account (one-way). This means that you can very easily keep your Monthly.moe profile up-to-date, without having to manually add anime and episodes.

How often can you synchronize?

Currently, you can do a AL synchronization every 7 days. This seems to be a good interval of keeping your profile up-to-date, without spamming the AL servers. During those days, consider using the HTTP API together with Taiga to keep your profile updated.

I didn't visit this site for a few days, and I just noticed my AL didn't update! Why is that?

To avoid wasting server resources, you need to visit the site while logged in regularly, or you'll get automatically dequeued until your next visit. Currently, this happens after 7 days of inactivity.

Anime X and/or Episode Y didn't synchronize at all!

It is possible for a single Anime entry to have multiple AL IDs connected to it (specials, movie series, etc). Therefore, it is not obvious which one represents which episodes. For this reason, I spent a lot of time developing an algorithm to try and guess those connections, which passed all my tests. However, to avoid false positives, if it is not sure about the episode, it will give up and ignore the given AL ID.

In short, if we aren't sure which episodes correspond to which AL ID, it will be ignored during synchronization.


My question wasn't answered. Where can I contact you?

Use the contact e-mail provided in the About page, please. Thanks!