Hello everyone!

As you might have noticed, I just released quite a large update to the website.

This update brings a huge backend rewrite and cleanup, in addition to:

  • A fully javascript-based calendar infrastructure
  • An updated, maintainable, documented HTTP API
    • This API is used by the Javascript calendar directly, so is actually rather well tested
  • A new, smarter and customizable MAL synchronization algorithm
    • This will hopefully reduce "fighting" with the MAL synchronization, where a user would unselect/unwatch an anime but have it be re-selected on the next synchronization attempt.
    • Now you can customize what the algorithm does for each of the MAL states (e.g., you could set it to ignore any anime you have set as "On Hold")
    • You can also disallow a specific anime from being synchronized by ticking "Disallow synchronization" in the anime's page
  • Per-anime filtering
    • You can choose to hide from the calendar specials (or main episodes) of specific anime
  • (Optional) Alphabetical calendar sorting

I have a lot more planned, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it. There's one large feature in particular I'm working on which I hope to release in the first weeks of January, but no promises.

As always, if you find bugs, or have any suggestions, send me an e-mail at contact.

Please note: The old API has been fully deprecated, and no longer works. Anyone who had Taiga setup to use the API will need to update their configuration.

Thanks, and have a happy 2017!