Music Database Reset + Less Music Spam

Hello everyone, just wanted to do a small status update:

As you may already have noticed, all music releases disappeared from the website. Turns out that in the hurry of finishing the Anison implementation back in December (read: less thorough testing), a bug slipped through which made it possible, under specific conditions, for music releases to be orphaned in the database (i.e. not belong to any anime), as well as unnecessarily creating and destroying them constantly. As a side-effect, you may have noticed that some anime which fulfilled those conditions did not show all of their songs (most notably Little Witch Academia and its amazing OP).

I submitted a fix for this issue yesterday, and since I was already focused on the code I took some time to implement something I'd been meaning to do since the Anison feature was implemented: Merging of multiple releases of the same album into a single calendar entry, to reduce spam.

However, in order to simplify this process (both the bug-fix and the new feature's implementation) I decided to delete all Anison Releases already in the DB and start from scratch. I have just now kicked off the initial Anison scrape, so expect songs to start re-appearing in the next few hours with the new improvements. Please note that data regarding user-selected music releases also had to be deleted, so you will have to re-select them.

Sorry for any inconvenience!