MyAnimeList Sync Disabled; AniList Sync Implemented

Hello all,

As many of you are probably already aware, MyAnimeList has disabled their API without giving us any idea of when to expect it to be re-enabled. Many suspect that it might never be re-enabled in its current form. While at first I was hopeful it would be only for a short time, I have now given up on waiting and have therefore disabled the MyAnimeList synchronization feature of this website until further notice.

However, with the synchronization feature being quite important for the normal workflow of this site (the whole reason I created it was to have a way to look at a calendar of airing anime without having to input the data manually), I have been working on a replacement for a while. Coupled with the fact that I have now switched to AniList as my main anime list service, I have finally implemented AniList Synchronization in time for the Summer 2018 seasons.

It should work exactly the same way as MAL Sync did, complete with optional Taiga support. In addition, since AniList has much saner rate limiting versus MAL, will support daily automatic synchronization (instead of weekly).

All you have to do is go to the Sync Settings page and select "AniList" in the "Service" drop-down box. Updated Taiga HTTP API configuration for AniList can be found in the HTTP API page.

Do note these features were implemented in a relatively short time and have not undergone as extensive testing as MAL Sync did over the last few years. Bugs are possible (some would say likely).

Hopefully you all find this useful!